LYCHEE  Bubble Milk Tea - Boba

– Uses REAL lychee – Just 5 ingredients needed – Way cheaper than lychee drinks at boba shops – A great way to refresh – Serve with or without tapioca pearls – Super low in sugar

Gather all  your ingredients.

Cook the tapioca pearls and cover them in simple sugar syrup.

Make a cup of tea & set it aside. Then open a can of lychee and reserve the leftover sryup.

Blend lychee until a smooth puree is formed. Add lychee puree & lychee syrup to a glass.

Then add cooled down tea and cold milk. That's all!  Serve with or without chewy tapioca pearls.

Plus, find out how to PERFECT your boba making skills!

Made with quick-cooking boba pearls - super easy!

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