25 Pink Fruits The Ultimate List

25 Pink Fruits The Ultimate List

WATERMELON Watermelon is the ultimate hydration station! Each watermelon contains approx. 90% water, making it one of the most hydrating fruits you can eat.

RHUBARB Raw rhubarb is crunchy, sour & tart - unless you really enjoy sour flavours, it might be better to cook or bake it first. It’s native to China, but very easy to grow in various climates.

LILLY PILLY BERRIES These tiny & tasty pink fruits are typically found in Australia.

RASPBERRIES The ultimate summer fruit, raspberries are either red, pink, gold or black in colour. The tiny soft beads each raspberry is made of are called drupelets.

POMEGRANATE Originally from Iran, this fruit has spread rapidly across the world which isn’t a surprise given how pleasant & versatile it is!

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