25 Brilliant Black Fruits The Ultimate List

25 Brilliant Black Fruits The Ultimate List

BLACK FIGS Known as the sweetest variety of figs, black figs are the most commonly dried fig. In fact, they’re so sweet they will often split open near the stem from the sweetness explosion

BLACK GRAPES According to research, the darker coloured the fruit, the more health benefits you can reap from it! You can make grape juice, add them to salads, sprinkle them on your breakfast granola, or use them to infuse moisture into your bakes.

BLACK AUBERGINE (EGGPLANT) These glossy, near-black colour fruits are large and have white flesh. They’re perfect for both frying and stuffing, thanks to their sturdy skin and firm flesh.

AVOCADOS No list of black foods would be complete without them.  Popular in Florida, black avocados are typically sleek & smooth on the outside and have a bright green/yellowflesh.

BLACKBERRIES Blackberries are a true antioxidant powerhouse.  They produce wonderful tiny white flowers and are sometimes used to make wine.

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