25 Black Fruits The Ultimate List

25 Black Fruits The Ultimate List

BLACK CHERRIES These dark fruits can be used to make jams, liqueurs, and all sorts of yummy desserts like pie. Black cherries are native to North America and prefer full sun, although they can tolerate shade.

BLACK TOMATOES Much like standard tomatoes, they are incredibly easy to grow and packed full of flavour once ripe. You can use them in every way you use red tomatoes - in salsas, salads, sauces & more.

BLACK ELDERBERRIES This shiny, dark purple fruit is native to Europe and has SO many different uses. It’s found in juices, gummies, teas, powders, smoothies, shakes, as well as cakes, traybakes, pies & more.

BLACK OLIVES Black olives are a staple in many cuisines across the world, making them one of the most popular black fruits out there. While green olives are picked before ripening, black olives are picked ripe and then preserved in brine/water.

BLACK PEPPERS If you’re a lover of mild chilies, this one’s for you! Black Hungarian Peppers are a type of culinary chili, about as spicy as jalapeños.

BLACK SAPOTE Black sapote is a type of persimmon, with honey, caramel & date tones. It’s creamy and soft, made even more delicious by squeezing some citrus over it.

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