25 Yellow Fruits The Ultimate List

25 Yellow Fruits The Ultimate List

BANANA According to some experts, bananas were the first fruit to grow on Earth. They grow in bunches of 6 to 20 and are some of the most popular fruits worldwide. They’re also cheap & can keep you full for hours.

LOQUAT Native to China, loquat belongs to the rose family and varies in color from yellow to red. Even though they resemble lemons, they’re actually a lot sweeter but have a tart undertone.

STARFRUIT  Also called carambola, star fruit is a sweet-sour fruit originating from Southeast Asia. It gets its name thanks to its unique shape - when cut in cross-section its shape resembles a five-pointed star.

PINEAPPLE This tropical fruit with spiky leaves has a sweet & tangy flavor. To test if it’s ripe, simply pull out one leaf. If it comes out easily, the pineapple is ripe.

QUINCE The ultimate fruit for jam making, quince is bursting with pectin, a type of fiber often used to make jams. It tastes like a mix of apples, pears & lemons - but is rarely eaten raw.

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